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Delivering technical guidance, risk management services and benefit management solutions to a variety of industries including hospitality, medical, healthcare, legal, restaurant, retail, transportation, manufacturing and more.

InsuraGuest Software Protection Solution for Hotels & Guests

GapSpot! preaches the importance of building sound, business risk management processes and crisis resilience practices but always with an eye on business profitability. As an independent consultant and Relationship Manager for InsuraGuest, GapSpot! offers an InsurTech solution to the upscale hospitality market to give an additional revenue stream opportunity via the InsuraGuest proprietary SaaS platform. This solution protects each hotel guest from Personal Property & Financial Loss, Accidental Medical Expense and Accidental Death & Dismemberment by automatically adding an InsuraGuest policy to the guest folio that covers each guest and their room occupants.

Hotels can now transfer exposure to liability while automatically generating additional nightly revenue with a specialized guest policy that directly interfaces with the PMS. Additionally, hotels can save on any health claim deductibles, protect their risk/claims ratio and avoid any effect on annual premiums - all while conveniently addressing the needs of the guests.

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Hospitality IT Strategic Planning, Contingency & Disaster Recovery Auditing, Business Continuity Planning, Technical Project Services

Global IT guidance and technology project implementation for any type for hotel, restaurant, spa, club, resort, conference center, retail operation and travel service at both the property and corporate level. Technical consulting and solutions for hospitality property and portfolio IT disaster planning and recovery, business continuity planning, technology auditing, IT compliance, IT governance and process efficiency that are always focused on business profitability.

Customized Business Cyber Solutions With Proactive Data Protection, Privacy & Security Services

General business insurance may help companies protect their financial assets, intellectual and physical property from a covered loss due to risks such as lawsuits, property damage, theft, vandalism and employee injuries and illnesses; however, today's malicious threats require much more protection than your plain vanilla, "cyber liability" policy.

That outdated, "bolted-on" coverage was designed for the old days when cyber liability meant protection against lawsuits from third parties for an infected email sent from within your company. 

Technical Solutions provides superior commercial products and services that protect your business with multiple levels of protection. Our full suite of cyber insurance solutions include crisis management, evidentiary, discovery, notification and remedial services. 


Data Breach/Cyber Extortion/Data Recovery Response -- Business & Dependent Business Interruption/System Failure Interruption -- Cyber Crime/Security & Media Liability


  1. Readiness Risk Assessment to help evaluate the handling of personal information and establish proper documentation on data breach prevention due diligence 
  2. Vendor Verification and Validation that ensures each vendor with whom a company shares personal information also handles that information with established compliance and standards
  3. Breach Reporting Services that allows users to inquire if an event was a breach, what actions are required -if any, while handling all reporting to each of state as required

Employee Benefit Management Solutions

Employee major medical solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of any business for proper employee duty of care along with an array of complementing worksite benefit solutions that minimize out of pocket, out of network costs and help with daily living expenses or lost income situations if unable to work.  

All benefit management solutions are dependable, competitive products and services which can be employer defined contribution and/or employee paid as voluntary, pre-tax, options with convenient payroll deductions that are designed for cost aware companies to attract, protect and retain the best employees while also generating an overall postitive impact to the business.