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Paul West: Technical Advisor

GapSpot!  Technical Solution Services was created to fill the GAPS between technology / technical processes and business operations. As a provider of cyber insurance advisement, risk management and crisis resilience solutions, GapSpot! manages IT risk scenarios through ongoing IT contingency planning, practiced disaster recovery processes and appropriately established cyber insurance solutions. GapSpot! offers specific solutions to those industries with required adherence to HIPPA regulations, those maintaining Personally Identifiable Information, those with required compliance to PCI DSS or GDPR regulations and any company concerned with employee safety, satisfaction and retention. 

Technical solutions include a full suite of specialized, cyber insurance solutions and services that are customizable to meet any business need and are available for every profession to ensure that every operation is afforded the protection it should have to endure under any circumstances. All cyber solutions include services that protect business data, assets and reputation with crisis, evidentiary, discovery, notification and remedial tools to help with data breach, cyber extortion, data recovery, crisis response, business and dependent business interruption, cyber crime, cyber deception, privacy, security and media liability.

Data privacy specific solutions are provided using the CSR Privacy Solution modules that facilitate personal information compliance for federal, state and global laws while automating related vendor validation and company documentation of privacy assessments, breach remediation and reporting processes. 

GapSpot! is also an InsuraGuest property solutions provider of an extra revenue stream for the upscale hospitality market via its SaaS solution on a proprietary InsurTech platform that protects the hotel guest from Personal Property & Financial Loss, Accidental Medical Expense, and Accidental Death & Dismemberment. Not only are hotels then transferring exposure to liability, there is now an additional revenue for the business with an automatic nightly PMS interface posting.

Additional technical services are also extended to the employee level with major medical and worksite benefit solutions that mitigate business risks while improving overall company well being and duty of care. Major medical coverage is customizable to each company to create group plans in conjunction with the worksite benefits to fill every coverage GAP that ensures complete employee protection while minimizing the business insurance expense.


As a Global Technical and IT Project Management Professional specializing in the hospitality, restaurant, casino and related travel industry sectors, Paul West has combined his seasoned technical experience with his eye for risk management and crisis resilience to any industry or business that needs to locate the GAPS in security compliance processes, identify the GAPS between IT contingency planning and actual crisis resilience and minimize the GAPS between business profitability and guest protection or employee duty of care.

Additionally, Paul is a Certified Benefits Counselor, Independent Broker and versatile Benefits Professional who handles employee major medical and worksite solutions to help companies attract and maintain the most important asset while also maintaining a sensible approach to business profitability. He believes that the delivery of customizable health insurance and ancillary benefit options should make "good business sense" using either fully funded, partially funded or self funded cost options, in conjuction with proper voluntary solutions so as to enhance employee retention rates, effect overall team performance, improve company satisfaction and generate an overall positive business impact. As he also believes that every individual should have the proper coverage needed for every life situation, he provides individual solutions for every other scenario to fill the GAPS using short term medical products and offering the appropriate medicare advantage or medicare supplement solution where it may be needed. 

In his capacity as a global IT management professional, Paul offers IT strategic planning and IT project implementation to those seeking to facilitate implementations, streamline processes and manage operations more efficiently. He is very much dedicated to providing technical counsel to any operation looking to ensure business continuity, security and overall company elasticity.

Paul also represents InsuraGuest as a Relationship Manager to deliver its proprietary SaaS InsurTech solution to hotels as another means of revenue that also provides peace of mind to its guests with protection for themselves and personal or financial belongings. As a Data Privacy Consultant, he is also contracted with CSR Privacy Solutions to deliver its automated data identification solution to ensure companies and all vendors with whom they share their personal data are in compliance with local, state, federal and international privacy laws.

*Licensed in health, life, property & casualty insurance to advise on cyber security solutions, privacy compliance, crisis resilience, risk management, IT audits and compliance, IT contingency planning, IT disaster recovery and employee benefit management solutions.