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Specialized Technical Solution Services

Delivering risk management and technical guidance, crisis resilience and cyber insurance advice, IT project management counsel and benefit management solutions to companies that are committed to ensuring operations will endure under any circumstance. Offering specific technical services to address the complexities within the hospitality industry that includes hotels, resorts, casinos, spas, clubs, conference centers, event venues and travel industry companies around the globe.

Providing the upscale hospitality market with an additional revenue stream via its strategic partnership with InsuraGuest using its proprietary InsurTech platform to protect the hotel guest from Personal Property & Financial Loss, Accidental Medical Expense, and Accidental Death & Dismemberment. By automatically adding an InsuraGuest policy to the guest folio that covers each guest and their room occupants, hotels can now transfer exposure to liability while easily generating additional nightly revenue with a specialized guest policy that directly interfaces with the PMS. 

Cyber Insurance Services; Risk Management, Crisis Resilience & Benefit Solutions for Any Business

Providing customized and targeted cyber insurance guidance, risk management and crisis resilience counsel to any company looking to ensure business continuity and security of assets and reputation with a full suite of business solutions to protect any company in the event of malicious compromise. Offering worksite and duty of care benefit management solutions to companies for complete employee protection that enhance staff retention and maintain the general well being of the business.

Managing the GAPS Among Technology / Technical Processes, Business Operations and Company Profitability

Directing IT process change and mission critical objectives in line with stakeholder initiatives by identifying the GAPS in operational efficiency; locating the GAPS in security or compliance processes; recognizing the GAPS in employee protection or duty of care; minimizing the GAPS between business profitability and client or guest well being; removing the GAPS between IT contingency planning or disaster recovery and actual crisis resilience. 


Specialized Technical Solutions

Delivering technical cyber insurance guidance, risk management & crisis resilience services and benefit management solutions to any industries that endeavors to protect its assets (physical, brand, reputational, data). Providing hotels with an additional revenue stream while protecting each guest with automatic coverage in the event of accidents, personal property or financial loss by transferring hotel exposure to liability.