• Risk Management / Crisis Resilience Solutions

    Technical Project Governance & Change Management Services

    Employee Group Benefit & Individual Benefit Solutions

    Cyber Insurance / Privacy Compliance Services


Specialized Business Technical Solutions & Services

Delivering risk management advice; privacy assessments and change management solutions; technical guidance; crisis resilience services; cyber insurance solutions; project management counsel and benefit management solutions to any company that is committed to ensuring operations will endure under any circumstance with:

  • *Automated privacy assessments, vendor validation, breach reporting and remediation services for any company responsible for the management of personally indentifiable information looking to maintain proper privacy compliance with federal, state, local, europeon union and other country regulations
  • *Risk management and crisis resiliance solutions for every company utlizing proper cyber insurance with proactive and reactive services to conform to correct standards in anticipatory security, prompt incidence response, absolute remediation and timely reporting / notification
  • *Customized, cost effective, comprehensive, group health options and worksite benefit products for flexibility within any business to fulfill employee obligations while maintiaining operational profitability 
  • *An added layer of customized guest protection for hotel and vacation rental properties that digitally provides properties with liability coverages to protect guests from accidental in-room damage, theft of personal property, accidental medical expenses and accidental death & dismemberment via an Insurtech online platform
  • *Specific technical services and solutions to fill the GAPS for any business in addressing the complexities of data privacy compliance, health benefits, cyber insurance, data security & protection, employee duty of care gernal operational profitablity 

Risk Management, Crisis Resilience & Benefit Management Solutions Cyber Insurance, Change Management & Privacy Compliance Services

Providing customized and targeted risk management / crisis resilience counsel, cyber insurance / privacy regulation guidance, change management services to any company looking to ensure business continuity and security of assets and reputation with a full suite of business solutions. Ensuring privacy regulation compliance to protect data while also securing proactive / responsive options in the event of malicious compromise. Offering sensible and affordable major medical and worksite, duty of care, benefit management solutions to companies for complete employee coverage that enhances staff retention and maintains the general well being of the business.

Managing the Business Operational GAPS in: Technology/Technical Processes; Data Privacy/Security Compliance; Employee Benefit Management Solutions; Overall Company Elasticity & Profitability

Directing technical process change and mission critical objectives in line with stakeholder initiatives by identifying the GAPS in operational efficiency; locating the GAPS in security or privacy compliance processes; recognizing the GAPS in employee major medical protection or duty of care; minimizing the GAPS between business profitability and client or guest well being; removing the GAPS in IT contingency planning, disaster recovery execution and crisis resilience processes. 


Specialized Technical Services & Customized Solutions

Delivering risk management, technical / cyber insurance guidance, change management and benefit management counsel to any industry that endeavors to protect every asset (employee, physical, brand, reputational, data). 

Affording operational flexibility to businesses with privacy compliance services and crisis resilience solutions to ensure business continuity and standards in data security.

Providing the hotel and vacation rental market with a customized layer of protection for the property on a primary basis for each guest with automatic coverage in the event of an accident or personal property loss via a proprietary Insurtech SaaS platform.